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Sports Massage Macclesfield, Cheshire

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Have you recently succumb to a sports injury, or are tired of feeling tight and uncomfortable after matches? The experts at IW Therapy could help. Sports massages are available for anyone that believes they may need a little TLC in order to overcome sore muscles and prepare to push their bodies further.

What is a Sports Massage?


A sports massage differs from a normal massage specifically in its aim and application. Specifically it is the manipulation of soft and deep tissue in order to benefit an individual that is regularly partaking in physical activity. Whether you are a climber, footballer, rugby player, or squash enthusiast, a sports massage in Macclesfield (or at home) could help to ease sports injuries and ensure you’re in a better position to prevent them.

Could a Sports Massage in Macclesfield Help Me?


Yes! If you are actively involved in any sport, a deep tissue sport massage could help set you up to perform better and reduce your chances of sustaining a sports related injury that could leave you as a spectator for weeks, if not months.

Sports Massage Macclesfield Clinic, Cheshire
Sports Massage Macclesfield with IW Therapy

Book Your Sports Massage in Macclesfield or at Home

Are you interested in booking a sports massage in Macclesfield or at home with IW Therapy? If so, simply call today on 07794 369 304, email, or fill out our enquiry form below. A member of our team will endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible. Prices from just £25 a session.

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