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Postnatal Pilates and Antenatal Pilates

Book Post or Antenatal Pilates in Macclesfield or at Home

Qualified and Trusted Providers
Prices from just £35

At IW Therapy we provide effective and personalised postnatal and antenatal Pilates taught by friendly, accredited personal trainers from the Cheshire area, suitable for mothers from 12 weeks of pregnancy or 6 weeks postpartum. These classes are massively beneficial to the body both during and post pregnancy, and a bespoke Pilates session at IW Therapy can help you begin preparing or repairing your body today.

What is Pilates?

Pilates is a low impact exercise involving slow, precise movements. Pilates targets the core of the body, creating a strong foundation and improving the body’s mobility. Sessions will strengthen your core, focus your balance, and increase your flexibility. Pilates can be done with or without equipment, and IW Therapy’s one-to-one Pilates sessions can be accessed in centre or at home.

Why use Pilates during and after pregnancy?

Pilates is one of the most effective, accessible, and safest exercises during and post pregnancy. At the antenatal stage Pilates can help alleviate pregnancy related side-effects, can prevent pregnancy related injury, and can help prepare the body for labour. At the postnatal stage Pilates can help with recovery, rehabilitation, returning to daily activity and returning to pre-pregnancy fitness levels.

Pilates encourages the pelvic floor muscles to work with the deep tummy muscles, supporting the spine and strengthening the pelvis. This is massively beneficial to the body’s rehabilitation at the postnatal stage, allowing you to begin rebuilding your strength and returning to your old self.

Antenatal Pilates is proven to be extremely effective at alleviating common pregnancy related side- effects. The spinal and muscle support provided by Pilates helps to relieve and prevent back pain, joint pain, hip pain, and pelvic girdle pain. Additionally, strengthening your core and pelvic muscles helps prepare the body for labour and the demands of childbirth.

Why Choose Post and Antenatal Pilates at IW Therapy?

Pilate’s sessions at IW Therapy are taught by accredited and experienced professionals. Our one-to- one sessions are tailored to you, allowing you to set personal goals and move at your body’s pace. Our Pilates sessions are provided at our Moss Rose Macclesfield location or at home, allowing our services to be accessed by anyone in the Cheshire area.

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