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Nutritional Advice with IW Therapy

Book Nutritional Advice in Macclesfield or at Home

Qualified and Trusted Providers

At IW Therapy, as well as our various sports rehabilitation services, we also provide expert nutritional advice. Our personal trainers can provide you with effective healthy eating guidelines on top of our fitness expertise, helping you to become the best version of you.


The benefits of nutrition are endless, and can be overlooked by other personal trainers. At IW Therapy we provide expert, tailored advice on nutrition and diet. A balanced diet can help boost energy levels, strengthen the body’s immune system, and support the body’s muscle growth. All this, especially paired with a bespoke personal training session at IW Therapy, can help you improve your health, boost your fitness, and raise your confidence. Healthy and nutritional eating habits have preventative benefits, lowering your risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes. Nutritional advice is one of the best ways to take your fitness regime further, especially when paired with personal training at IW Therapy, helping you transform your health, mood, and weight.


Nutritional advice at IW Therapy is provided by qualified and friendly professionals, who tailor their plans to your body and your needs. By providing you with recognised, evidence based eating guidelines, our experts can help you achieve a new, healthier lifestyle. Our plans are personalised and goal based, achieving the results you want at your pace. Our bespoke services are available in our state of the art Moss Rose Macclesfield facility, or through visitations across the Cheshire area, allowing you to access our services from the ease and comfort of your own home.

Book for Nutritional Advice in Macclesfield

Enquire about nutritional advice today, and become the best version of you. Call us at 07794 364 304, email us at, or by filling out an enquiry form. IW Therapy, your local fitness expert.

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