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About IW Therapy & Personal Training

Hello everyone!

I just wanted to provide you all some information about where I'm currently working, as well as some background information about my professional background and overall goals.

I provide face-to-face and online Personal Training, Sports Rehabilitation, and Sports Massage services in the Cheshire region. 

I graduated from the University of Nottingham in 2019 with a first-class honours degree in Sport Rehabilitation and Exercise Science (BSc). Since then, I’ve gained further qualifications as a Level 2 Fitness Instructor, Level 3 Personal Training Instructor, Matwork Level 1 Pilates Instructor, and Ante & Post Natal Pilates Instructor. I intend to further my professional development by completing additional courses such as Acupuncture and Level 4 Personal Training.

As a healthcare professional, musculoskeletal specialist, and personal trainer, I’m enthusiastic and passionate about my job, and my main goal is for my clients to feel great both physically and mentally when they leave the treatment room or gym.

I enjoy the challenge of treating a wide variety of injuries and conditions, and am highly motivated about training individuals to help them achieve their fitness and nutritional goals.

I believe that education in rehabilitation, injury prevention, and personal training is critical to helping clients achieve their goals, and I’m motivated to consistently stay up to date with the latest scientific research in order to achieve this.

As a personal trainer, I believe that we are all unique, with different needs and requirements. Therefore, in order to improve my clients’ overall health and well-being, I strive to develop varied and progressive training and nutrition plans that will assist in making significant, long-term lifestyle changes.

My main focus as a sports rehabilitator is injury prevention and rehabilitation, as well as pre-operative and post-operative rehabilitation, sports massage, sport-specific injuries, pilates, and sports screening.


BSc (Hons) Sport Rehabilitation & Exercise Science Practitioner 
Level 2 Fitness Instructor 
Level 3 Personal Training Instructor 
Level 4 & 5 Massage Therapist 
Matwork Level 1 Pilates Instructor 
Ante & Post Natal Pilates Instructor 
Nutritional Advisor

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