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Sports Massage Clinic in Macclesfield

A sports massage can be extremely rewarding, both physically and mentally, as the practitioner seeks to provide their client with the best route out of pain and into a relaxed state. At IW Therapy and Personal Training, we provide sports massages from our Macclesfield clinic and at the homes of our clients.

A sports massage from a qualified professional can be the difference between recovery and a simple waste of money and continued suffering. From our sports massage clinic in Macclesfield, Cheshire (or at home) our practitioner will work to identify sources of tension and relieve the client. Length of sessions may vary depending on requirements, with some clients requiring several massages for maximum effect.

IW Therapy and Personal Training are home to several services that work to relieve sports related injuries, including sports rehabilitation therapy and even acupuncture. Sports massages are part of our mission to enhance the performance of sportsmen and women across Macclesfield and Cheshire through effective and results-driven recovery programmes.

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Booking your sports massage is as simple as getting in touch! Call today on 07794 369 304 or email now for more information and to arrange a date.

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