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Professional, Accredited Acupuncture Therapy in Macclesfield

Looking for a professional, accredited acupuncture specialist in the Cheshire area? At IW Therapy we provide a specialist acupuncture therapy that aids rehabilitation and treats pain.

Used as part of a larger rehabilitative scheme, our acupuncture can boost the body’s natural painkillers and relieve discomfort. Our acupuncture therapy can be used to treat musculoskeletal and pain conditions such as joint, muscle, and post-operative pain. Acupuncture therapy can also have emotional benefits such as reducing swelling, alleviating discomfort and promoting relaxation. By stimulating your nerves, muscles, and connective tissue, our acupuncture therapy can benefit your health both physically and mentally.

acupuncture macclesfield

Combining acupuncture therapy with one of IW Therapy’s many other rehabilitative services, such as sports massage or strength conditioning, can help aid sports injury recovery, relieve muscle tension and reduce fatigue. Even one acupuncture session can create long term pain relief, can encourage the healing of real-world sporting injury, and also can prevent future sporting injury.

Why choose acupuncture therapy at IW Therapy?

Our treatment is provided by our very own healthcare professional, musculoskeletal specialist, and personal trainer Imogen Walker. With qualifications in sports rehabilitation, exercise science, and massage therapy, you will be receiving acupuncture therapy from a professional trained in the practice.

Find out if acupuncture is for you. Acupuncture therapy is available at home or in the Moss Rose clinic. Enquire today by calling 07794 364 304, emailing, or by filling out an enquiry form.

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