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Order a Personal Trainer Gift Card for Christmas

With Christmas edging closer and the time for New Years Resolutions around the corner, give the gift of a personal trainer to help support family and friends realise their goals. Our range of gift vouchers include £20, £40, £60, and £80 and are available to use across our various services including personal training in clinic or at home.

Our Services

As touched upon, IW Gift Cards range from £20 - £80 and can be used across our available treatments and services. From Acupuncture to Sports Rehabilitation Therapy and Personal Training, you could give a gift this Christmas that could quite literally transform someone’s life! A full list of our services can be found online here, and if you have any queries, don’t hesitate to get in touch with a friendly member of our team that will be able to explain everything in detail.

Purchase a Gift Card

To purchase a personal trainer gift card through IW Therapy and Personal Training, simply get in touch today by emailing, calling 07794 369 304, or by filling out our dedicated online enquiry form.

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