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IW Therapy Sports Massage Macclesfield

Are you looking for local experts in sports massage in Macclesfield? At IW Therapy our registered exercise professionals are here to help. IW Therapy is a Cheshire based injury, massage and fitness specialist providing hands-on, focused sports massages.

Differing from a regular massage, sports massages manipulate soft and deep tissue in order to reduce muscle tension, improve circulation, and increase flexibility. As well as their many physical benefits, sports massages have proven mental benefits including relaxation, mood improvement, and increased well-being.

Proven to increase performance levels while decreasing chance of injury, a systematic sports massage from IW Therapy will help keep you fit and dynamic, whether you’re a footballer, runner, rugby player, or any other form of athlete. A sports massage can even aid in rehabilitation from previous sporting injuries, freeing you from pain and helping you return to your active lifestyle.

sports massage macclesfield clinic

Prepare with IW Sports Massage Macclesfield

A sports massage from IW Therapy will prepare you for your next big match, your next long race, your next heavy lift. If you wish to push your body further, overcome sore muscles and fatigue, reduce your chances of injury, or just need to give your body some TLC, then a sports massage at IW Therapy is for you.

Inquire about our professional and friendly services today to receive a sports massage at our Moss Rose Macclesfield location, or even at home. Booking a sports massage with IW therapy is beneficial to anyone actively involved in physical activity. You can book a sports massage today by calling 07794 364 304, emailing at , or by filling out our enquiry form here. IW Therapy, your local sports massage expert.

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