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IW Strength and Conditioning Training Macclesfield

Are you looking to access your body’s full potential?

With strength and conditioning training at IW Therapy you can practically apply sports science to build your strength and movement. Strength training improves your speed, endurance, and conditions your body, allowing you to work towards your full potential.

Why use strength and conditioning training? Sports science is no longer exclusive to athletes and professional sportsmen, and a strength and conditioning course at IW Therapy has a range of practical benefits. A strength training session in Macclesfield, administered by one of our accredited and experienced trainers, can help increase your fitness, strengthen your heart, build your muscles and push your body’s capabilities. Strength training is also a great form of exercise, increasing the body’s metabolism, burning calories and toning muscle.

As part of a larger rehabilitation scheme, strength and conditioning training can increase your range of motion, correct muscular imbalances, and reinforce strength around major joints. All this works to help rehabilitate previous injury and prevent further injury, especially when paired with other rehabilitation services provided at IW Therapy such as sports massage or acupuncture.

Our trainers will help you create a unique plan allowing you to reach your goals efficiently within a unique time frame. Taking into account an individual’s capabilities and providing a personalised, friendly service, IW Therapy is the best option for local sports science services.

Looking for a bespoke strength and training session? To book a session at our the Moss Rose Macclesfield clinic today, call 07794 364 304, emailing at, or by filling out an enquiry form.

IW Therapy, unlock your full potential.

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