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Home Sports Rehabilitation Therapist

A sports rehabilitation therapist ensures the recovery of your sports-related injury goes as smoothly as possible. Within your initial session the therapist will look at identifying the source and cause of your injury in order to better establish a path for recovery and provide a rough guideline in regard to how long you can expect to be in rehabilitation for. Clients are welcome to our clinic in Macclesfield, but therapists are able to travel to homes across Cheshire in order to provide services to those patients that can’t travel.

Sports Rehabilitation Therapy is for anyone that has injured himself or herself playing sports and is not only looking to recover but help prevent similar injuries in the future. Whether you go bouldering on the weekends or are a professional rugby or footballer, the therapist at IW Therapy is highly-trained and highly professional when it comes to ensuring patient care and recover are seen to.

How sports rehabilitation therapy will work is based entirely on the nature of the injury, and involves deep tissue and muscle manipulation in order to encourage healing.

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Speak with a sports rehabilitation therapist today in order to book your session in our clinic or for within the comfort of your own home. Call 07794 369 304 or email now.

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