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Dedicated Centre for Sports Therapy in Cheshire

Ignoring your sports related injury could only make it worse, further impacting your ability to perform at your highest levels, and even impact your everyday life as a result. With sports therapy in Cheshire, our specialist rehabilitation professional will work with you to assess diagnose and treat your injuries. IW Therapy and Personal Training are available in clinic and at home depending on location.

What to Expect with Sports Therapy in Cheshire

Either from our clinic in Macclesfield or from the comfort of your own home, Sports Therapy can be a fantastic tool to help reduce the impact of injuries from a variety of sports including (but not limited to) athletics, running, bouldering, football, hockey, and more. By assessing your injury in an initial consultation, the sports rehab therapist will be able to create a bespoke plan of treatment that you will be able follow in order to generate results. Not only can Sports Therapy help you to heal existing injuries but also prevent future ones through deep tissue massage manipulation and practical advice.

Speak with a Specialist Sport Rehabilitation Therapist

Your journey towards reducing the impact and healing your sports injury starts here. Contact Imogen Walker of IW Therapy and Personal Training today on 07794 369 304 or Alternatively, you can get in touch by using our online enquiry form.

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