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Book Your Sports Massage in Macclesfield

We are all in need of a little rejuvenation now and then, especially if we are feeling a little sore after a sports match. In fact, it’s even possible that you could have a muscular injury that would benefit from professional attention.

Your local sports massage clinician, Imogen Walker, is highly qualified and as equally experienced. Your initial session with Imogen will work on ensuring any injuries are identified and properly assessed to ensure you get the most out of your time with her. Imogen will then do what she does best, getting to work getting your body back to strength.

Sports massages work by manipulating soft tissue and muscles in order to benefit a patient involved in regular physical activity, and can be used as both a treatment and prevention of some sports-related injury.

Whether you are a keen footballer, tennis player, rugby player, or rock climber, professional, regular, and in-depth sports massages could relieve your tensions and enhance your performance.

Book Today

Get in touch with the specialists at IW Therapy and Personal Training to get booked in for a rejuvenating sports massage as soon as possible!

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