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Book Mat Level Pilates in Macclesfield

Mat level pilates is a strengthening exercise that focuses on building your core whilst also training your arms and legs. Mat level pilates in Macclesfield is divided into classes to ensure that you are put into a programme that matches your experience and ability. This means we can cater to the needs of complete beginners and experienced practitioners alike. Mat level pilates is widely considered the most accessible form of pilates available.

Mat Level Pilates at Our Centre in Macclesfield

Imogen Walker conducts Mat Level Pilates from the IW clinic in Macclesfield. From here, Imogen is able to introduce those of all abilities to mat level pilates and help them build their confidence, as well as experience. Our centre is based at the wonderful Stadium, and Imogen is always looking forward to greeting new clients.

Mat Level Pilates at Home

For those further afield in Wilmslow, Alderley Edge, Congleton, or Knutsford, Mat Level Pilates is available at home thanks to home visits conducted by our instructor. Mat Level Pilates also has mental health benefits, being a space that promotes mindfulness.

Enquire Now

Want to know how you could benefit from Mat Level Pilates in Macclesfield? Speak to Imogen Walker today by calling 07794 369 304 or emailing


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